Add an email group to a Slack channel

Updated a month ago ​by Esther Kim

Instead of dealing with the bulkiness of group emails, you can transition your group into Slack. You’ll be able to send and receive emails in Slack as easily as messages, so you can transition slowly, with some members in Slack and some sticking with email.

Let's get started: 

  1. If you haven't already done this, add MailClark to Slack.
  2. Choose which Slack channel you want to connect with an email group. 

    After you add MailClark to Slack, MailClark will send you a direct message inside Slack. You'll also see a dropdown menu to choose which Slack channel you want to connect with an email group. 

    Alternatively, you can directly invite MailClark to the channel.

  3. Create a default email address to link to the Slack channel. 

    Click the email button in the Slack channel you've just connected, and you'll see that we set up a default email address for you.

  4. Add the new email address to your email group.  (This is done inside your email client.)

  5. Turn on the email group feature inside MailClark.

    In your Slack channel linked to MailClark, type @mailclark settings and click the "Edit Settings" link to open the Settings window in your browser. 

    From the settings page, you'll see a "Show Options" link.

    Click ‘Show options’ and turn ‘Email group’ on.

  6. Now add the email group address. 

  7. Hit Save and you're done!

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