How do I use my email address instead of the default

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You'll soon be able to connect your Gmail account directly to Slack, making it even easier to sync emails to different Slack channels and workspaces. Expected launch date for this new feature is Q4 2017.

The beauty of the MailClark email integration for Slack is it's a two-way sync -- meaning you can receive and send out emails from Slack.

The default setting is to send emails out from a custom email account set up for you (e.g. 

If you don’t intend to reply from Slack, then you can skip all of this and just set up a forwarder from your email account to the channel’s default address.

If you don’t connect an account, emails will be sent from MailClark servers. Opt for this if you want the inbox to be 100% in Slack. Emails in Slack will be kept separate from your other emails. 

If you want to use your own email address instead of the default, here's how:

  1. Type settings in a Direct Message to MailClark. Or, type settings #channel-name to directly access the settings of a given channel. 
  2. Choose the Slack channel linked by MailClark's email integration. 
  3. Click the "Edit settings" link. You’ll then be taken to a separate settings page in your browser. 
  4. Click on the "use your domain" link underneath the email address. 
  5. In the dropdown with the default email address, choose "+ add another domain". 
  6. Turn on the option to "connect an existing email" and find the link to your email client or domain host. If you turn on "Connect an email account," MailClark—like every email app—needs your SMTP details to send emails from your email provider’s servers.
  7. Finally, fill in the details for your host, port, email address, and password. If you don't have the information or it's not pre-filled, then you'll need to contact the email admin at your company.
  8. Press save and you're done! :)

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