Work in Slack with clients or colleagues who only use email

Updated 25 days ago ​by Esther Kim

Even though you understand the advantages of Slack, maybe your colleagues or clients can’t be bothered to change their ways. 

With MailClark, you can have a Slack channel with any combination of Slack and email users, where Slack messages are sent out as emails in a conversation, and emails are received as Slack messages.

Let's get started:

  1. Add MailClark to Slack 
  2. Choose which Slack channel you want to connect with an email account. 

    After you add MailClark to Slack, MailClark will send you a direct message inside Slack. You'll also see a dropdown menu to choose which Slack channel you want to connect with email.

    Alternatively, you can directly invite MailClark to the channel.

  3. Finish connecting your Slack channel with email.

    Click the email button in the Slack channel you've just connected, and you'll see that we set up a default email address for you.

  4. To change the default email address in order to match your own work email address or an existing external email address (e.g., it takes a few steps to configure your inbox. Read a step-by-step on how to do this.

  5. To dedicate a Slack channel to one email group (e.g. to have only the emails sent to to a specific channel), turn on the feature to send to an email group.
    And to create a new email group from Slack, read this article. This use case is most common when most of your team is already inside Slack but you have a few people who work regularly with a team or are dedicated to a specific project and are generally reachable only through email.

And voila! You're done! 

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